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Use of Google Apps for Emails
« on: 13 April 2010, 21:02:50 »
There are many people who have switched for Google Apps, which gives the benefits of Gmail, while letting you make use of your own domain name. There are many privacy concerns to overlook, but still it is in demand amongst many people.

Google Apps is the private label version of the web applications. You get the amenities like Gmail, Google calendar, docs and many more things. Instead of having the address of gmail, you may have the email address of your own domain. Also, the calendar docs and other applications are integrated and can be administered in the central means. It is actually the attempt made by Google for competing with Microsoft Exchange program. There is a free version or a $50 per user per year premium version, which contains technical support and incremented email storage quotas.

This is not first step from Google. People have used their personal emails from the year 2007, till now. The domain was odd and when there was a beginning in December, there was a need of more professional sounding of domain. There were options for continuing the usage of Google Apps and integrating the new domain with the old one. Google Apps makes you the association of multiple domains with the single account.

The second option was to turn to a new start of Google Apps account. The final option as for letting the web hosting company Westhost, which have the function of hosting the website and manage their email.

There was a decision made for the third option for management of emails. There was a concern about the privacy and having too much information with Google. There was dissatisfaction with regard to the way Gmail handles the mail filtering. Instead of making use of folders, Gmail also sorts the messages by making use of the labels, which makes the clumsiness for having a lot of email filters.

There are next couple of months and there is satisfactory results for the web hosting company. There is a filtering and webmail client on the website, which did not work well for some cases, like the Google tools. Client side email options for Mac are also disappointing. There was a decision made to use Google apps account, rather than making the beginning for a new one.

The transaction is quite simple and it is just a matter of adding the domain name to account. The addition of account to existing Google Apps account means going to the account and clicking on the option of managing domain. Enter the password and click domain names and follow instructions after adding domain alias.

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Use of Google Apps for Emails
« on: 13 April 2010, 21:02:50 »
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