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Problems for web hosting in China
« on: 14 April 2010, 21:51:33 »
There are many companies, which are not in a position for selling web hosting in China. The recent events may have effect on the western companies will be able to do any business. There has been a major argument between Google and People�s Republich of China and it has enhanced the point in which Google has withdrawn services from there.

Google has got censorship of the search results and the have denied the service attacks on the servers located in Hong Kong. The other companies have affected well, inclusive of email hacking incidents having involvement of Foreign correspondents Club of China and the attempt for block users from Vietnam from having access to information about Chinese backed mining project. Beijing has no idea about the things, which might have caused these issues to occur.

The continuous trend has been enhancing in the past few years. It has come to a head in early 2010. Major web hosting firms like GoDaddy and Network Solutions have terminated the selling of domains in China in response to the requests for information of clients, inclusive of full color head and shoulders photo of themselves ad a massive number of business and personal identifiers beyond the needs of domain registrars. The implication is that China is seeking more marketing metrics. The information can be conceived to be used for cracking down the disagreement.

In the past times, the websites with .cn extension have been subjected to many attacks and there is shutting down of the Chinese government and it is referred to as content deemed inappropriate. It has been connected with the websites, which have any sort for information about Tiananmen Square, ongoing human rights concerns, or any other type of opposition aimed at the government of China. It appears as a standoff with more implications, which have the ability for hosting a website in China and West continues enhancement. This may be made for reaching resolution.

There is representation of a huge chance of the marketing for the online market of the world. There is an opportunity for marketing to the largest online market. There will be something, which is not in the nearest term. Web Hosting and web marketing in China for western companies using Chinese domains is coming to a stop. The disturbance in nature of attacks coming to websites for having dare to have other content than the ones approved by the government in Beijing, which is not a bad thing too.

There are attempts made to continuation of market in China. The top level domains translated to Chinese language may be the best solution.

source: Kvcwebhosting News

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Problems for web hosting in China
« on: 14 April 2010, 21:51:33 »
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