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Jabaco - VB6 dan JRE
« on: 09 July 2009, 08:38:14 »
Jabaco is a simple object-oriented programming language with a BASIC-like syntax. With Jabaco you are able to build powerful software for all Java supported operating systems. Jabaco is a modern development environment that comes with a graphical GUI-Designer, a comfortable Source-Editor, a Runtime-Debugger and several other tools to make your work easier.

More informations about the Jabaco-Project:

Webcast (Jabaco in action): html

The membership of Jabaco is free for you. There are several possibilities to support this project:

* Recommend Jabaco to your friends, colleagues and acquaintances.
* Write a tutorial and publish it on
* Report your experience with Jabaco on your blog, or board.
* Use the Jabaco promotion material on your website: html
* Improve or expand the Open Source (BSD) Framework of Jabaco:

Feel free to contact the Jabaco-Board for any questions or suggestions:

Think simple

Initinya, dengan menggunakan Jabaco, syntax atau coding masih menyerupai Visual Basic 6, sedangkan komponen yang dibutuhkan adalah JRE (Java Runtime Environment).

Seperti membangun aplikasi Java menggunakan VB6  :D

Sangat pantas dicoba.
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Jabaco - VB6 dan JRE
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