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AWStats on web hosting account
« on: 12 April 2010, 20:05:22 »
There are website monitoring services for issuing with general website stats, log files and tracking. There are many tools, which can be employed by you, who can be useful for giving the right solutions in cPanel of the web hosting account.

AWStats is a tool, which is designed for rendering mail, web and server stats in the graphical format. This is a free tool licensed under General Public License (GNU) and can be made available by the popular web hosts and the download and installation can be made on the server, which permits Perl, CGI and log access.

The advantage of using AWStats is that it can become helpful in showing the importance of learning the use of website metrics, which can be an option for overall website success. There can be more issues than simply making awareness about the number of people visited each day. These kind of programs can show you where the traffic is coming from, the duration for its stay, the popular pages, the pages from people leave from, time spent on your website, keywords used to find and many more options.
There can be options for finding whether you are getting traffic from abroad or not. AWStats can show the statistics for the different countries for paid visit for the website.

There can also be determination made for the particular domains for which you have to pay most attentions as well as the search engines which have been involved in the processes. It can enlist the number of visits you are getting from 319 robots and the time for which they are around. There is tracking and record from 115 search engines and there are proper statistics for each one. They return with a list of error driven pages and inbound links on the website, along with the anchor text being used.

AWStats can ensure you about the number of times the page have been put into favorites or bookmarked and there is ability for setting up the customized reports for many marketing tasks, which maybe involved in the plans. There can be review made on the days of week and hours of the day in which there is most traffic and this is helpful information for planning for PPC marketing campaigns. It can also determine the hotlinking files from your website and can help to manage the bandwidth thieves.

The advanced web analytics programs, which can help out with items like tracking the visitor behavior on your website; the engagement with content and their link up with each of the action. There can be more stats applications with more of juice. AWStats is the great way for getting your feet into and begin the analysis of type and mark up of traffic, which is going through your website. AWStats is a great place to begin for a start up.

source: Kvcwebhosting News

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AWStats on web hosting account
« on: 12 April 2010, 20:05:22 »
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