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Webhosting Affiliate
« on: 18 October 2010, 16:11:04 »
* Free to join! Absolutely Free, no hidden costs!

* Earn 45% commission on every web hosting sale made through your referral

* Get $10 instantly + $50 (if qualified ) just to sign up with us! ) - Just to signup with us!

* We have tracking cookies valid for 180 days

* 24/7 real time sales, profit reporting

* No programming skills required

* No customer support needed

* We have the most advanced affiliate tracking and back office

* We will show you how to earn $25,000/month with our marketing guides!

How Does it Work

When you join KVCHOSTING - Web Hosting Affiliate Referral Program, you will be supplied with a range of Banners, Page Peels, Lighboxes, Text Ads, Text Links, HTML Page Ads, PDF Document that you place within your site.

When a user clicks on one of your links or banners containing your ID and signs up with KVCHOSTING.COM, that customer will be considered as your referral. You will earn 45% of the sales (eg. $1000 Sales = $450 Commission)


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Webhosting Affiliate
« on: 18 October 2010, 16:11:04 »
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