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Social networking & web hosting
« on: 13 January 2010, 09:25:52 »
You need to have an internet presence to be popular in the business world. The people owning different kind of businesses need to make search on internet, regarding the important searches about the needs and specifications. There is now a trend for a quick fix internet space rather than the personal touch.

Geocities was one of those tools that allowed you to put your stamp on that presence. Personal Web Hosting means that you could build a site yourself, encourage visitors to come and check you out about the solutions.
However, Yahoo�s move to terminate this site down was not a mean spirited attack on garage punk bands, but user numbers were falling fast and the company no longer saw a need for it.

The need went to the big sosial networking sites have come in, tapped personal Web Hosting on their shoulders.

Small businesses and some large ones have started to work these sites every day, using the internet tools of the people, for getting products. The simple template nature of a Facebook or MySpace page allows a straightforward, user friendly way of getting all your information into the public domain. The pages are easy to find and so are the basics of consumer needs. The nifty design elements and evidence are always appreciated.

The business world is still quite far behind the inventive industries, for using and perhaps abusing, social networking. Let�s hope the closure of Geocities isn�t the first step on the rocky road to a uniform internet where information can only be retrieved if it is less than 140 characters.

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Social networking & web hosting
« on: 13 January 2010, 09:25:52 »
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